About Us

Our roots of high quality and passion are embedded in every batch of product manufactured since 1953.

Our History

  • 1945

    Cereal & Malt originated as a small engineering business, not far from its present site in 1945. The founders, Mr. M. Heinrich and Mr. A. Schneider had the foresight to commence manufacturing portable bag stackers for maize and cereals. A few months later, Mr. Heinrich designed a machine that could strain sorghum after germination. This was the foundation of the business as it is today

  • Mr. Heinrich began supplying and manufacturing straining devices to brewing plants. This contributed to the growing demand of the sorghum beer and mageu industry in South Africa. The company supplied over 100 strainers to private and municipal sorghum beer manufacturing companies countrywide, before Mr. Heinrich decided to focus on supplying his own malted sorghum.

  • 1951

    In 1951 the operation relocated to its current site in Industria, Johannesburg. A dedicated malting plant was constructed according to Mr Heinrich’s meticulous specifications. The first malted sorghum mashes were manufactured three years later. The factory had sufficient capacity to meet requirements into the foreseeable future.

  • Mr. Heinrich’s high quality malt soon attracted the attention of food producers who requested him to manufacture malted barley rather than malted sorghum. With minor adaptations to his factory, the plant was able to manufacture barley malt extract, which remains as our core product today.

  • 1984

    The business was eventually sold to a major food manufacturing group in 1984, and the company was renamed Cereal & Malt.

  • 2000

    In 2000 the company was sold and reverted to being an independently owned operation.

  • Some of the original factory buildings, designed by Mr. Heinrich, are still visible since the first sorghum mash was produced 60 years ago. The factory site has been expanded and there have been significant improvements including increased efficiencies, innovative plant design and an expanded product range. Cereal & Malt remains as committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality ingredients to the food manufacturing industry as it was 60 years ago.

  • Today


Our dedicated quality team pushes the boundaries of serving a high quality, safe product to all of our customers.


With over 60 years of experience in the food industry, we pride ourselves with the understanding with what it takes to make each product.


Our goal is to work with each individual customer, and grow values together.