Organic Whole Wheat Flour in a Bowl

Malt Flour

Malt Flour is a fragrant flour milled from Malted Barley Grain. This beige flour is the secret ingredient for many bakers because of the natural diastatic activity found within the flour. Malt Flour is commonly used in breads, (Ciabatta, French Loaf and Sourdough), and health crackers.


Malt flour is a naturally sweet and fragrant flour, milled using 100% malted barley. Its biscuit-colour enhances the shades of freshly baked breads as well as forms the perfect crust. A common ingredient sought after for sourdough is Malt Flour. 

Malt flour’s flavour is distinctively sweet, and flavours of earthy toffee brings out the aroma of breads.



Malt Flours sweet taste is added into crackers to develop flavours.

Our Malt Flour has natural diastatic activity aiding yeast in the fermentation of bread doughs.

Speciality breads such as bagels and baguettes incorporate Malt Flour for crust and flavour.

Nutritional information

Typical NutrientAverage Qty per 100
Total Ash1.8g
Sugars, total (fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose)41g
Fat, total1.4g
Dietary fibre, total10.1g

Packaging Size

25Kg Paper Bags